Stupid Hoe

I have never understood the logic of a simple bitch. Bitches who can never seem to say something worthwhile. They always take advantage of the opportunity to present themselves as ghetto as possible. Look at others for handouts and blame them for their downfall. If you haven't guessed by now, I'm at the edge of my patience in dealing with Bitters.

So to start, she's a two-faced bitch who has not spoken to me once without trying to intimidate me or call me names. She's responsible for a lot of unnecessary drama and I keep myself pretty guarded and straight faced when it comes to her. I would never talk shit to her, about her or any of that in front of Yah. She doesn't respect me in the same manner. She has stated that she's "been nice" to me and I'm rude to her. Uhm, smiling in my direction does not concise being nice. However, If I don't like someone, I don't like them and that's all there is to it on my part. I don't feel the need to play pretend or be two-faced or remind myself of why I graduated from high school. Yes I CAN be a bitch, I love pulling out the right comment and tone when it's called for. But not ONCE have I said a word to her that could be portrayed as "being a bitch".

This week was the first week of school for the girls and Yah was with her mom for the week. That meant that Bitters is picking Yah up from the bus stop every day, and she's been giving Ali a ride home. I did not feel comfortable with this for a few reasons.
Reason 1: I don't want my daughter to impose on someone's time, whether it's Bitters or not. It may not be far and it may be of no trouble to her but I don't want Ali to just EXPECT a ride home. Mr. Fox's sister also picks up her brood from the stop and I told her to only ride with her if she OFFERED.
Reason 2: We live like 5 walking minutes from the bus stop, there are a bunch of kids walking at the same time and I just felt like she would be alright to walk. I did it, my husband did it, your grandma's sister's husband's cousin did it, she will be alright.
Reason 3: I have never had one pleasant word with Bitters, so it's safe to say I have never had a conversation about her giving Ali a ride. I don't feel comfortable with the situation when I have never even talked to her about it.
Reason 4: I don't trust that she was giving her a ride with no strings attached. Sure it might be all smiles and giggles for right now, but one day she's going to pop off at the mouth and tell me that I'm not shit because she's dropping my daughter off.

So to avoid any further drama or hurt feelings, I told Ali that she is to walk home, rain or shine, and only to get a ride if Mr. Fox's sister offers, nobody else.

Ali gets off the bus and Yah expects her to get in the car. Ali then explains that her mom doesn't want her to ride with anyone and only go with Mr. Fox's sister if she offers a ride. So Bitters got pissed and was about to leave but Yah [being a big sister] was concerned and offered to walk Ali. While walking, Yah tells Ali, "I'm not trying to be mean but that was rude for your mom to say that". About halfway home, Ali then told Yah that I would be mad if I saw Yah walking her home because she is supposed to walk alone.

Obviously I never told her anything like that, I'm quite touched that Yah was concerned about her sister and was being responsible. Of course I wouldn't have been mad if she walked her all the way home. I would have felt sorry for her having to double walk in the heat for no reason, but that's the only thing that would have had me in any type of upset. But of course you can't expect a 7 and 10 year old to fully understand that without further explanation. Which I plan to explain later tonight. I am upset by her remark about how I was rude and what not. I believe as a 10 year old you should not be talking like that about a parent of yours. I know all kids do it, but it's not right. I am going to talk to Mr. Fox about that one because maybe I'm just overly sensitive about it.

Okay on to the main point in this story. Tell me how this turned in to Bitters talking shit to Mr. Fox. Telling him that if I have something to say to her that I need to tell her and not send a message through a child [which she has done herself on multiple occasions]. The only reason he called her phone was to talk to Yah and tell her happy birthday. He tells her that I don't operate like that, I don't send messages through kids, I wasn't sending her a message and that Ali was simply stating why she was walking home. He continuously tells her he is not going to be put in the middle of it. She tells him, "well you tell that bitch to get off her fat lazy a---", at that point he hung up. They then went back and forth through text about it all, and he basically told her that if she needs to say something then she can say it to me, he's not going to relay her messages for her. She is now telling him that she doesn't want Yah left alone with me.....

Can someone please explain how in the hell me having my child walk home to not impose on other people's time or resources turned in to her not wanting Yah to be left alone with me. Uh bitch you had no fucking problem with it when you ran off for some dick a few months back.

I am tired of her drama. I am exhausted trying to wrap my brain around her words and impulses. I'm not sure if she is trying to say she doesn't want Yah here with me so that she can have her full time and try to file for child support because she has no job. Which would be the only thing she's done that would make sense to me. My husband came home in a mood, clearly irritated, and I hate that it's due to some unnecessary bullshit. So I am trying to get him out of the middle and I sent her a message on Facebook. She has yet to respond...


  1. Never argue with stupid people. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

  2. I wrote her a very neutral toned message and simply stated my issues, what I said to Ali and that if she wants to try and be open to have some sort of communication for the sake of everyone involved then I would be more than happy to participate.
    She responded, and we've text each other a few times to keep each other up to date on whatever it is. I don't know if it's helped any as far as Mr. Fox and her are concerned, but I did my part.