Ain't No Sunshine

Today was a nice day but it's still cloudy. I slept alright last night, had some weird dreams that I can't really remember. I know that my dad and my brother were in it but I don't remember what it was all about. I woke up a little later than usual with the good news that my sister-in-law was going to come over so that Mr. Fox and I could go on a lunch date with some friends. I put some more time in to Ali's hair, because I wasn't sure what time I would get back and I didn't want her to be up late getting her hair did.

I finished up some freelance work, withdrew some money in to my PayPal and started to get ready to leave. The drive was nice, lunch was good except Mr. Fox didn't like what he ordered so we traded plates. So instead of a Chicken Avocado BLT I had the fish tacos. I was going to order them, but then he ordered them so I ordered something different.

After lunch we headed to our friend's apartment. We're starting a new business and want him to be a part of it so it was a good time for Mr. Fox and Fro [Friend] to talk some business. We were also watching the football game. I like watching football because it moves pretty quickly, the guys wear tight pants and the losers go home crying [not really, but I imagine it so]. But I don't know any of the football rules and as I was watching I was confused, I just didn't know that there were so many diva rules to football. That is the most annoying thing with basketball to me, it always seems like someone is crying about who touched them, or when they sell a foul. I like hockey because they get crazy with each other and it's expected. I also like baseball because there is no contact and there's no confusion. Anyway, the home team scored an unexpected touchdown in the last minute so Fro and his girlfriend were crazy excited.

We got home, I finished up Ali's hair, sent off some more work, and interacted with Abby. Nothing too stressful and nothing out of the ordinary, yet for some reason there is this dark cloud lingering. It's not my usual dark cloud that I find comfort in. It's one who's presence is haunting, I keep looking over my shoulder and around corners but so far I have no clue what it is. There is a lot of insecurity going on in my brain right now and I'm not sure if that's what's bothering me or not. I just hope I can figure it out and build my ark before the storm washes me away.

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